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, natural places to go for performance. so, the money managers will buy bank of america and wells fargo and u.s. bancorp endlessly on any dip over and over again. that's why i bought them for my charitable trust. i knew they had to come in. they could take all they wanted and they're doing. it oil and natural gas down last week. what i chance to get in. even though the earnings were widely lambasted. you see, they had no choice. the big-shot money managers simply cannot catch a double-digit move from the sidelines. they can no longer hope that the market will come down because it's up too darn much. and most of them don't have the luxury of being up so much that they can leave the table. they're being forced back to the table where they have to place bets whenever any discount whatsoever occurs. and they know where they won't move the stocks with their aggressive buying. think back to bank of america, think wells fargo. oh, that's selling? they've got to hone every share they have. they can't afford to sell anything, they'll lose their exposure. they have too much buying to do here's th
, follow me! >> hello, america. today is a very, very special day. it's president obama's birthday. he turns 48 today, which, by the way, is only 16 more years than we had czars. 16 more czars to go before his age equals total number of czars. here is the one thing tonight -- it has been an amazing life for our 44th president, and i, like the rest of america, am inspired by his story, so, i'd like to share it with you tonight. story of barack obama. it starts -- well, it starts with his parents, ann donovan, barack obama, sr. oh, sure. sure, it begins like any other classic american love story, when these two love birds met while taking a russian language class. how many of our parents met there taking russian in 1960 at the height of the cold war? i can't count the numbers that met that way. by 1961, they were married are, and later that very same year, barack obama, jr., was born. president obama so movingly called this story during a speech commemorating the anniversary of the civil rights march in selma. >> i am disturbed what happened across the country because of folks in selma,
. these are frightening people and you have to answer one question tonight, and, is america waking up? i think they are. they are giving congressmen an earful during their listening tours. some of them don't seem to be listening. oh, they will. i promise you video that you just want to see. you're not going to want to miss this. if you believe this country is great, and you don't think a disclaimer should steal your right to property and privacy, stand up and come follow me! well, hello, america. well, that is one ugly guy. holy cow, that's me! hello and welcome to the program. apparently last friday, i committed the ultimate sin in the liberal blogging world. mom, i'm working on a blog right now! yeah, apparently i questioned a government program. how could you possibly do that? cash for clunkers has orwellian wording that is creepy and anybody that isn't creeped out isn't paying attention. that's just the problem here. i brought that up. the liberal blogs went nuts. oh, that crazy conspiracy theorist glenn beck. really, it is a conspiracy? i mean, it was riert there. hello! yeah, in that faux news, y
, especially when four of the five top-selling cars, though mostly assembled in america, are japanese. what does the white house have to say about all those hondas and toyotas? >> that the big three are doing well enough, accounting for 43% of sales. many honda and toyota vehicles are manufactured in the united states. but once upon a time there was language in the cash for clunkers legislation that would have barred any discounts for cars manufactured outside of the united states, meaning employing no u.s. workers or cars made in canada or mexico. the white house approval of that language was' moved because it would have00 head-long into free trade agreements and stopping the program cold. but the white house says this about overall domestic auto production and sales -- >> the statistics denote that the big three automakers have been represented well in this program because they're building cars that americans want to buy. >> and for that reason the white house wants the program to continue. shepard: so e.r.a. reid says the senate will vote this week. are republicans trying to stop it? >>
would say donations. >> advertising for products. >> public money, i am short. >> by taxes? >> america's cable companies created c-span is a public service, a private business initiative -- note government mandate, no government money. >> the department has begun sending out the first tuition payments to universities but dissipating indeed post 9/11 g.i. bill -- participating in the post 9/11 g.i. bill program. more on that from jim webb, a co-sponsor the bill. we'll also hear from eric shinseki and president obama. this is about 40 minutes. >> it is an honored have you with us today and is an honor for us to host this important celebration. earlier this year, george mason was privileged to be one of the many colleges and universities across the nations to commit itself to the yellow ribbon enhancement program. a provision of the post 9/11 g.i. bill of 2008, this initiative is designed to extend higher education funding for servicemen and women who served after the september 11, 2001 attacks. i know that members of that day still remain in all of our hearts. shock, horror, a tragedy. f
this company has seen. they're based in montreal, operations all over north america. it's a paper and wood company. highly cyclical. less worse than expect results, one of the top five performers in the russell 2,000 right now. the stock's up 23% today, up 60% since earnings season started a month ago and the company is saying they're having lower input costs and better cost controls. that is helping things out. dom tar, the former dominican tar and chemical with a big, big rally today. yeah, it's down but up from the bottom. back to you. >> thank you, matthew. franklin mutual advisors ringing the closing bell today in honor of the 60th anniversary of their mutual series groups, one of the oldest mutual funds out there. the group an's flagship here it, mutual funds outperform the s&p up nearly 26% over that period. joining me chairman and ceo of franklin mutual advisors peter langerman. more importantly, what was the last -- the first mutual funds came out in the 1930s. >> we were one of the first and i think the interesting thing for us, we are our 60th industry and basically doing the sa
going on in america? we'll converse that and trying to make health care fun, i think it's worth it. we've got comedians, we will make health care accessible and fun for america if it's the last thing we do. there's going to be like a magic trick. we're back after this. his coat is incredibly shiny and soft and very thick. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- we compare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that? with a touch of this button. can i try that? [ uckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all right -- i love this channel. shoppin
daughter had achieved. what a great story it is for america. and what a great story it is that president obama would give us a chance to consider judge sotomayor to serve as the first hispanic woman on the united states supreme court. for many who oppose judge sotomayor, her life achievements and her judicial record are just not good enough. after pouring over 3,000 court decisions and hundreds of her speeches, judge sotomayor's critics focus their opposition primarily, not exclusively, but primarily on one case, the rich ricci and one sentence from one speech. i hope someone was keeping track how many times those three words, wise latina woman, were quoted during the course of this hearing. senator after senator asked her what did you really, really, really mean with those three words? over and over and over again. we are senators who live in a world of decisions and votes everyday. and we understand when our decisions and votes are questioned and challenged often in a an unfair fashion. if we vote in a way that's controversial we ask that people be fair and judge us on our life's work,
>>> good morning, america. breaking news, as former president bill clinton arrives in north korea. a high-stakes missionoe two, american journalists facing 12 years and hard labor. >>> running on empty. is this the last day to turn that clunker into cash? will the program stall out in the senate? >>> ten seconds of terror. passengers tell us about the moment their packed jetliner dropped like a stone. we answer your questions about turbulence. >>> as children head back to school, we have the swine flu survival kit. >>> and does air conditioning turn you into a popsicle? is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot topics this morning. captions paifor by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment, on this august 4th, 2009. and everyone has been thinking all along, who could sweep into north korea? who could gain the american journalists? >> the answer is presidentill clinton. he landed in the capital today. >> it's an extraordinary mission, as you say, because of the hi
. countdown and ignition and before the real liftoff has begun. what if america is stronger than the doubters would have us believe? more innovators, more adaptable than even president obama believes we are. michael darta is a believer, he put out a note today saying the new ism manufacturing numbers that came in and lifted the markets, they promise the economy will grow better than 3% next year, that would be half gain higher than wall street expects. 3% growth in gdp would be more than $400 billion in extra economic activity next year, and the stock market is is the ultimate leading indicator. today surged up past that 1,000 mark closing at 1,002 and change. the nasdaq cracked the 2,000 mark jumping 30 points to 2008. and the dow jones fired off another nice triple digit gain up 115 points or so to close up near 9,300. dow 10,000? here we come. now a couple of recovery killers loom. factors that could render us tax americana. and they boil down to this. obama-care, obama tax increases, obama anti-capitalist rage.. but for now, this summer rally is for real. what happened today?y? what does
and because of how inconceivable it is that america would no longer have the national capacity to make cars. so first goal, stimulus. second goal help the car industry. third goal? reduce the amount of gas that we guz l and the emissions we pollute our own country with by helping americans switch to cleaner, more efficient, newer cars. all of these interrelated goals, these three, are the thinking behind cash for clunkers. you trade in your old car that doesn't get great mileage and because of all those goals, stimulus, helping the car industry, and cleaning up the joint, the government gives you in exchange for your clunker a big, fat 35 or $4500 check toward buying or leasing a new car. a simple program. a totally cogent policy idea. the only question was, would it work? would americans take advantage of it? the answer to that question is a technical policy term which is oh, boy doggie did it work. the program only made it about a week before it ran out of money because so many people took advantage of it. by saturday more than 85,000 car transactions had already been registered with deal
this look for it on tomorrow's program. see you on "o'reilly" tonight. good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute ---www.ncicap.org--- bret: next on "special report, " bill clinton is expected to leave north korea with the two journalists who have been sentenced to ten years. now the cash for clunkers program, does the president want to take away your employer-provided health insurance? we report. you decide, and the push to do something about a dangerous trend that could be more deadly than drunken driving. all that, plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. >> welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. former president bill clinton's surprise trip to north korea has resulted in the pardon of two journalists convicted of crimes against the communist nation. laura ling and union that ling had -- and euna lee had been sentenced to ten years of hard labor. instead, they are expected to get a ride home with bill clinton in comfort. >> u.s. officials said the plan to have former president bill clinton secu
it will be fixed. the hospital ship returned this afternoon after a four-month trek to south america. >> mounted officers have been part of the baltimore landscaped and the city police department for 120 years, but soon they could be gone, that is unless they find $200,000 needed to care for the horses. rob roblin is live downtown. >> this unit has been here since 1888. it is the oldest, continuously running horse patrol unit in the country. >> he knows that you are going to bring him home, so he will bring you home. >> they will quickly tell you what a valuable unit it is. >> crowd control, burglaries. it is an ominous presence. even downtown. people will come up and talk to you and give you information that it would not give a regular patrol officer. >> unless the unit gets $200,000, the unit will be dissolved. >> it would be terrible for the city. it is a tradition. >> the mounted unit is a part of history. it would be a shame to lose it. >> then there is the public relations aspect. everybody wants to pat the horse or take a picture. gov. martin o'malley knows the value of the unit and hopes
, countrywide was sold to bank of america. the ability we had to affect countrywide in that time was very limited. >> i have another question. this relates to the point mr. bowman just made. as you said, 54 of the 69 banks that failed this year are state- chartered banks. i guess it is a historical anomaly why the fed supervises state chartered banks and mr. dugan supervises federally chartered banks -- when i first get to the banking committee in 1981, i didn't understand it. it just happened. let me ask mr. tarullo , most of the failed banks were not regulated by the supervisor or by ots. explain to me and this bair can answer as well. explain to me why the fdic and the fed should keep state- chartered supervision, particularly if we're giving the fed more responsibilities and other areas. if you think those functions should be kept apart, from the proposed national bank supervisor, why shouldn't at the very least merge fdic and the fed supervision of this state chartered bank? >> can i ask the panel to try to answer quickly? >> i will ask unanimous consent that each panelist be asked t
to the turn in the economy. wells fargo, bank of america. two of my favorite rebound plays. especially now that cramer face sally krawcheck is back doing what she knows so well at bank of america. wealth management. i like bank of america and wells fargo so much my charitable trust owns them both. two banks, actionalertsplus.com. and now the oils which have taken more of a beating than a breather lately. back. back and bigger than ever with the prices of crude and natural gases soaring. not only is the dollar going down which we like and people like hard commodities when the greenback drops but because chevron is shutting in its mammoth natural gas production. that's causing natural gas to wake up from its silent but deadly slumber and at least break out to the upside. this is the kind of leadership that ain't quitting, and the oil and oil services are now ready to power higher. coming out of the best july since 1997, i think we're pretty amazing shape. no one else is saying this. i'm the only guy who says i really like it here. everybody else wants to caveat to death. i don't know. maybe
, with 130 national federations worldwide, opposed to just 70 20 years ago. asia and latin america are seen as key territories for expansion and represent important opportunities for enhanced tv coverage, an essential tool to lend more power to the oar >>smith: we're making a new partner for the distribution and expansion of distribution outside of europe and will be starting that at our world championships this year in august >>reporter: meanwhile they can count on strong support from their traditional partners, for whom the rowing world cup is an excellent marketing opportunity. >>perren: for us really important, a lot of people show it and come here to see it, spectators, but also tv coverage, the spinoff is really good for lucerne >>reporter: so it seems that with or without a lead sponsor, more and more countries are destined to dip their oars into the waters of the enigmatic rotsee. >>abirachad: that's it for this week's world business. thanks for watching. we'll see you again at the same time next week.
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he says he's not making any promises. and that's a fox "watch across america." >> we're now learning about a scam that we're told has targeted thousands of americans and conned them out of millions of dollars. how it happened and who got cheated and the problem with punishing the con men themselves. that's coming up. welcome to the now network. right now five co-workers are working from the road using a mifi, a mobile hotspot that provides up to five shared wifi connections. two are downloading the final final revised final presentation. - one just got an e-mail. - what?! - huh? - it's being revised again. the co-pilot is on mapquest. - ( rock music playing ) - and tom is streaming meeting psych-up music from meltedmetal.com. shepard: finally, closure for the family of a navy pilot who disappeared from iraq 18 years ago. relatives of scott speicher have been given briefings about his disappearance in iraq. his plane was shot down the first night of the persian gulf war back in 1991 and he became the first american lost in that conflict. his family was told over the weekend t
approved health care. this is not the america we know. >> it is less than 1 percent of the wealthiest people in the united states that would be taxed and that's at 1 percent tax. >> house democrats will try to convince america that the current bill will cover millions in controlled costs. republicans meantime will paint it as a job killer. >> meanwhile, massive spend control from the white house tonight. after economists hit the sunday talk show circuit yesterday. treasury secretary tim gite '94 and larry summers suggested a tax increase on the middle class was possible to offset the massive deficit. >> i don't think any economist would believe that, in the environment that we are in. raising taxes on middle class families would make any sense. and the president agrees. >> the president defines middle class as families making less than $250,000 a year. >> while congress haggles over health care more americans are happy with health care the way it is. a poll shows 48 percent of americans say the health care system is good or on excellent. that's up from 35 percent from just may. govern
. >> the first guy you saw was a first responder and a passenger on the plane. we spoke to him on america's newsroom moments after the flight and he described the incident as severe like nothing he had ever experienced before and when you heard him say that 100% of the people didn't have their seat belts on he meant 100% of the injured did not have their seat belts on. >> i came here to flee the region of entitlement, latin america, a system that has been proven not work. i believe we all have a right of life but no any other rights. we can work hard to become somebody and that's what attracted myself to this company. bill: that was part of the meeting a lot of concern about where congress is headed on this issue my next guest had a town hall meeting of his own alikea cummings from baltimore, the democratic congressman from maryland good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: i haven't seen a video of you being shouted down. did it go ok? >> there was no shouting. as a matter of fact there was no incidents like other town hall meetings, and that's because i had an opportunity to explain t
countries in the world, who appreciated america's role as a neighbor in the world and as someone who understand relations between our countries and why they were important. and he's incredibly popular. >> kevin, chuck todd just talked about the complexities of dealing with north korea, there's the official state media and what they have said about hillary clinton. how complicated is the diplomatic dance in bill clinton's dance, how careful he needs to be? >> he needs to be very, very careful. he needs to draw a very clear line between the case of these two journalists and the nuclear question. it's not realistic to believe what the white house is hoping for here, they would like to create a better atmosphere here. i think the white house feels it is in their best interests to have north korea come back to the table and north korea is looking for the prestige that a visit from bill clinton would be. he doesn't want to directly link these things, he doesn't want to do the things that jimmy carter did which is get involved with negotiations which should have been held between the white
care, just saying there's a high level of anger because federal government is seen in middle america as going way over in the last six months and it's going to be a long august. >> we need to point out that particular clip played, that was philadelphia. >> that's not philadelphia, mississippi. it's a very blue city in a very blue state. >> joe, look, i think there's really something out there. i was talking to my sister. she said this weekend there was some 7,000 or 10,000 out in columbus, ohio in the square. you've got the tea party groups. you've got the groups concerned about the jobs. you've got the health care thing, the birther things. i think this is all -- i think this thing is reaching a certain critical mass of populist hostility and resentment to washington. i don't think it's pro republican or pro democratic, but a lot of this tea party stuff -- it's like the perot movement i think in the early 1990s. >> like the perot movement in '92, also like what i saw on the campaign trail in '93 and '94, there are a lot of democrats and a lot of independents who got out who just cou
. at what price america's politicians? senator john thune, his obstruction of health care reform was worth $1,206,176 in contributions from the insurance, hospital, and pharma industries. special comment ahead. first the best persons in the world. "dateline" the newseum in washington, d.c., number three best wheels coming off michelle malkin saying if you put enough cheese in front of people they'll just keep eating it which explains why america never has grown tired of cheap cheese and why it's totally led to nobody wanting to strive or excel for three decades. it started when reagan was president? if you're going to insult president reagan i have to ask you to step outside. "dateline" the air national guard base, long island, new york. number two best proof that watching crazy man on tv will make you crazy. nancy genovese was arrested while illegally photographing the base. she was armed with an assault rifle, shotgun, 500 rounds of ammunition. she was hysterical and falling to the ground. she decided the base was a secret fema detention camp. you know where she got that idea? from glenn
believe the two vibrant political parties are necessary for a strong america. competition always leads to good ideas. when one party dominates, you tend to see arrogance and foolish policies creep in and that may already be happening to the obama administration. according to real clear politics, president obama's job approval rating is falling faster than any modern president except for bill clinton. since his inauguration the president has lost 16 points in about six months. now, that should bolster republicans. especially conservatives who don't like the president's policies. many are acting foolishly, instead of concentrating on better ideas. they are frenzied over the president's birth certificate. that kind of dumb stuff. as we discussed last week mr. obama loves that because it makes his opposition look irrational. why would he ever release his birth certificate when those demanding it look unhinged? some conservatives also personally attacked judge sotomayor. that wasn't smart. you can disagree with the woman. but to malign her character maligns the vital hispanic voting block.
the conversation to go on. there can't be any more serious conversation taking place across america than whether or not congress will indeed act, send the president a bill to reform our health care system. it affects everybody personally. it is life or death for way too many americans. and what we know is right now, we've got a system where, you know, the health insurance industry gets to pick and choose who gets health care, who gets coverage. they often stand between patients and their doctors deciding what procedure, what recommendation, what drug, what process is going to be followed. we want a reformed system where -- with the kind of consumer protections that the house and senate bills are likely to have. americans will have access to affordable health care, high-quality health care, and no longer will insurance companies get to choose who gets health care in america. >> how are you going to go forward with this kind of protest when you're trying to be heard? has the white house developed a strategy? have the congressional leaders developed a strategy for dealing with this on the road? >>
is c-span funded? america's cable companies created c-span as a private initiative, no government mandate, no government money. >> now from this year's national urban league's conference, a discussion on a recent white house meeting between president obama, and as low as gates jr., and cameras police officer james crowley. a panel discusses the case and race relations in america. a portion of this program contains objectionable language. from chicago, this is about 55 minutes. >> we're going to do questions and answers out there for about 30 minutes up -- and i will answer it up for questions from a 4 per use the microphones on every aisle. you will be able to line up area lineup and we would get that about halfway through. let's begin with our introduction. we began with john jackson, who has spent an adviser on education matters for president clinton and the obama-biden transition team. please join me in welcoming him. >> michele bernard, the president and ceo of the independent women's forum and msnbc political analyst and political strategists who is chaired by washington, d.c
. welcome to "bbc world news." broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, what kind of policing do you call this? a new human rights report says too many of india's place are abusive and failing at their job. a hollywood actress takes send moo on the road. >> cinema is for everybody and everywhere. we are knowing how few opportunities there are for people to realize how incredibly wise cinema is. >> hello. a secretive come nist state with nuclear ambitions which has been playing fast and loose with the rest of the world. today they have been playing host to bill clinton, the most senior visitor in a decade. he met north korean leader, kim jong-il and secured a pardon for the journalists arrested. we have this report from washington. >> bill clinton arrived in north korea in an unmarked jet. he carried with him the hopes of american diplomacy in a very dangerous corner of the world. mr. clinton met kim jong-il, north korea's mysterious leader. it is an extraordinary noment. there hasn't been a visit to pyongyang by such a high profile american in year
stories making news early today in america. >>> ohio police subdude an elderly woman threatening people with a clive. cell phone video from a bystander captured the 84-year-old woman walking around a walmart parking lot responding to reports she threatened other people and threatening to cut them. an officer pulled the woman to the ground. witnesses believe the cop used too much force against the elderly woman. she was treated for head injuries but not charged with a crime. >>> cameras captured liquor thieves in florida walking out with pricey bottles lining the legs of their pants. surveillance video shows one man distracting a clerk while another man stuffs expensive bottles of alcohol down his pants. police believe the criminal duo ridding their pants with pouches to hold the bottles. the two have stolen thousands dollars of liquor from various stores. >>> two people were rescued from a pennsylvania river after their pleasure boat tanked. the coast guard says one of those victims was pulled from the chilly waters by a good samaritan. the 15-foot boat the victims were on sank around n
stocks, sell america because of commercial real estate. the fact that they're rallying is that an a sign of economic recovery? is that what drove up the bank, the best performers today. >> you have to watch it. i was just talking to my friends at ubs earlier. everything else had already moved and kind of went to the widows and orphans here. i'd like to believe there's a fundamental story. it seems to me they moved to the sectors not kept up with the rest of the market. you have to watch it. i wouldn't necessarily be moving money that far out into the risk curve just yet. >> fellows, do me a favor, stay with me. i have to take a commercial break. i have producers screaming at me bad enough you're now for federal spending for cash for clunkers, now, you want to break through the commercial bloirks can't do that. we're a profit maximizing program in a profit maximizing cnbc network. please statement we'll come right back to you and in addition, cash for clunkers, just the right stimulus for our economy. we will ask leading republican tom coburn if he will sign off on the billions to keep th
i heard tha it spread in mexico then also spread in america. >> i take precautions for myself, i clean th pigs and make su i wear a mask when i enter the cge. >> reporter: no one is sure whether thearmers are adopting su practicees o whether most farmers n afor protective gear. and even though the fear of the bird u and swinelu viruss mixing, no ones sure when or if such a superug ight emerg dr. o'leary hds the world ealth organization office cambodia. >> i think it's largely a theoretical concer at this point, because we have many kinds of vuss around us all the time. so while we have to say that it's possible tat thesewo or oter virus may mix and reult in a new virus, that's essential always the case. we can have such a enario y time. >> repoer: he says the risk diseases that jump from one specs to another has risen in rece decades, with dozens of example from e bow la t lyme disease. >> theestruction of forests are ohhe urbanizion of people, that'sreated new opportunies for new kinds of interaction betweenumans and animals. another is the ease with which people move aroundhe w
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among other big lenders, gmac has modified 20%, citimortgage 15%, wells fargo 6% and bank of america 4%. just 235,000 loans have been modified out of the almost 3 million eligible for the program. treasury undersecretary michael barr says the industry needs to do more. >> we're disappointed in the performance of some of the servicers, we think they could have ramped up better, faster, more consistently. >> reporter: the industry says the home affordable modification program is just one way to modify loans. another way, the industry's hope now program, which has modified an additional 300,000 loans since june. paul leonard of the housing policy council says some of the banks on the treasury's list haven't been enrolled in the program long enough to make a difference. >> what's not reflected in the treasury's initial announcement is when the company actually signed up for the program, so i think in the fall we'll have a better sense for the companies that have really kicked it into gear. >> reporter: the administration wants the industry to modify half a million loans under the program b
it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >> welcome back to "11 news today." some patchy fog around. be aware of that. the sun will come out and it obama's into the 91 degree range. -- warm us into the 91 degree range. a weak front is moving offshore. the heat and humidity from the mid-atlantic will be coming in. 67 degrees at the airport. the dewpoint are slowly creeping up in certain locations. some moisture in the air today. we will be 18 degrees in the western maryland mountains. but nice blue skies. we do not have the best air quality here. do not exercise outside if you are sensitive to pollutants in the environment. it will be humid and warm. as far as the bay forecast, only about 85 degrees in ocean city. we will get that late day seabreeze kicking in. is out easterly flow at 10 knots today. water temperatures 81 degrees across the board. the record high was 101 set back in 1930. and in 1966, 55 degrees was the record low. in contrast, of which should be 66 degrees 4 hour overnight lows. 71 degrees downtown. partly
industry isn't? >> so far, half of the cars came from america's big three that were sold under this program. some say it will not have a lasting impact on the economy until the government can create more jobs and boost consumer confidence. >> maryland has asked for more than $8 million for the cash for clunkers program. the most sought-after cars under the program -- the ford focus, the toyota corolla, and the honda civic. >> one woman is hoping the fight to go green will get the green light. she wants to add a wind turbine to the top of her home by city law prohibits that. john sherman joins us live with that story. >> right now, a city board is considering that proposal. this wind turbine is extremely tall and also 6 feet wide, facing considerable neighborhood opposition. >> i am here to get the wind turbine approved because the laws that were written in 1971 -- no one has ever heard of this and 1971. >> this is her home near federal help. she has big plans for the roof. this is a similar turbine actually in use. >> we have got to go into renewable energy. i am located with water on eithe
generate videos that can be posted on internet sites so that people can watch what's happening in america. >> what's happening in america is right now chris cillizza is with the washingtonpost.com and jeanne cummings is with the politico. jeanne, i want you to go first. if you had to explain american politics on august 4th -- i keep getting that wrong, 20, 2009, what would you say is going on. in all these crazy meetings. we will show some of the "b" roll of these meetings in texas and long island. pennsylvania. everywhere a congressperson holds a meeting, apparently, these people show up, well-dressed, middle-class people in pinks and limes, if you will. who are they? they have been called the brooks brothers brigade. who are these people? >> they are conservatives who are being organized by several different republican organizations. one of them is an organization committed to defeat health care. they're running on their site every list of town hall meetings they can find and encouraging people to show up. the republican house committee is also urging and organizing people to go out to
on the all new taurus. ford president of the americas it mark fields tells us why the taurus can threaten toyota's camry and when the automaker could return to profitability. and cvs posting very healthy second quarter profits. the ceo tells us why he thinks it next year will be even better and what does he think about health care reform. has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't so i can book travel plans faster, check my account balances faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than andy roddick. (announcer) "switch to the nations fastest 3g network" "and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free". >>> back. here are some of the other stories we're following. home builder dr horton narrowing its third quarter loss to $142 million after losing $399 million a year ago. that was a larger loss than what wall street was looking for. revenue came in at a better than expected $914 million. the company also selling more homes compared to th
be an ambassador for america. and clearly he's stepping out there. in this situation. gretchen: what i find highly important in this story is that the white house sanctioned him to go there. obviously they would have to. but to me that speaks volumes. you haven't heard a lot about president obama calling up president clinton and saying, hey, what about health care reform? what about cash for clunkers? maybe he is. i'm not sure. but i think this is an important role for bill clinton to take on. because he has had a good relationship -- let's face it. a good communicator. so if he can get this job done that will be a great thing. peter: there was an expert in asian affairs who said, listen, you can't go there not having it done already. it would be a tremendous loss of face for the former president to go there and not bring these folks home. so hopefully he is successful in bringing these journalists home back to america. steve: absolutely. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. it is a government program that actually a lot of people are excited about. maybe it doesn't make a lot of sense
taxes? >> how is c-span funded? america's cable companies created c-span as a public service. a private business initiative. no government mandate. no government money. >> the veterans affairs department has begun sending out the first tuition payments for universities participating in the post 9/11 g.i. bill program. more now from virginia senator jim webb who authored the bill. we'll also hear from former virginia senator john warner and president obama. this is about 40 minutes. >> staff, students, alumni and friends, it is an honor to have you with us today and it is an honor for us to host this important celebration. early this year, mason was privileged to be one of the many universities and colleges across the nation to commit itself to the yellow ribbon education enhancement program. a provision to have post 9/11 veterans, the act in 2008, this initiative is designed to extend higher education funding for service men and women who served after the september 11 2001 attacks. i know that mentals of that day still re-- memories of that stay dill remain in all day still remain in al
not helping when it comes to modifying mortgages and keeping america out of foreclosures. this is part of a treasury program to modify some 3 to 4 million mortgages over time. bank of america is one of the low ones -- where is the percentage here. 796,000 mortgages. the percentage modifications, just 4%. jpmorgan, these are mortgages that are 60-plus days delinquent and qualify the treasury says for modification programs. 20% modified there. s citi at 15%. the over all average is 9% for all of the bank has were measured by the treasury. so i guess could you call it mark, an attempt to shame the banks into doing more mortgage foreclosures. >> it's not in their financial interest to do that? >> to do what? >> to modify loans? >> right, but i mean -- >> you've got three kinds of delinquent borrowers, the one is they're way over their hesd, even if you modify the loan, they can't keep up. so there's no incentive to help them. another is they're behind but if you cut them a little slack, they'll be able to catch up. so there's no incentive to modify them. so you don't have that many people
they or a loved one get on the road. this is a huge problem in america, and we have worried that a model for solving problems like this is .08. we hope our summit will provide the type of recommendations we can take to the people to solve this very, very important problem. jane: transportation secretary ray lahood talking about the dangers of using your cellular phone to text while driving your car. catherine herridge is in d.c. he said earlier that if it was his choice, he would ban texting while driving altogether. why not just ban it? is congress considering that? >> there are a number of issues. there is a growing body of evidence to you increase the risk of an accident if you text or are distracted. a study last week from virginia tech said that drivers who text are 23 times as likely as those who do not to have an accident. even if you are just using an electronic advice -- device, you are still six times more likely to have an accident. the second point is that the transportation secretary has got to find a way to incentivize people not to use these devices, which are so convenien
. >> the journalists had been held since the middle of march. it's not clear when they will return to america. >>> we should know the future of the "cash for clunkers" program by the end of the week. the senate will vote on whether to extend the program before it recesses friday. democrats are poised to pass a bill to add funding to the program to keep it running. under the plan drivers can cash in their gas-guzzling clunkers for cash towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. >>> eyewitness news first broke this story and now the governor wants the baltimore city police department's mounted patrol saves. adam with the latest. >> reporter: it will end in 12 weeks unless donations help keep it alive. martin o'malley expressed his support. as mayor he occasionally rode the mounted patrol saying they are important in fighting crime. baltimore police foundation is currently collecting money to cover the care and food for the animals hopefully to keep that program alive. >> thank you very much. remember, wjz is always on. to make a donation, read more about the issue, log on to wjz.com. >>> efforts to save nat
. >> [unintelligible] greta: joining us live is the author of a book "saving freedom, we can stop america from sliding into socialism." that was a rock video. >> i want to thank all of the american people who are going out and showing up at these meetings to let congressmen and senators know what they think. i know they are outraged. mike huckabee was right. i have never seen people more panic about what we are the ones in washington. greta: the issue of health care, whether there should be a single payer or not, in listening to those comments, what does the president want? he says he wants single payer. is it a good idea? that is not what he is pushing right now. >> he is covering it up. he wants a single payer system. charlie rangel wants a government system. people should not be confused. what we are talking about is not fixing health care or not fixing health insurance. it is a government-run system. for years, a number of republicans have been working on reforms to make health insurance work better, cost less, but we can get it the democrats to talk to us about making the system work better. gret
that is going to affect a lot of people. you could see how angry people are. every single person in america is it least going to be affected a little bit by this. some people's health care plans could be drastically changed by it. neil: i thought that was all manufactured rage. i guess it is legitimate. >> i'm not going to say that there is no such thing as manufactured rage. i think people are very concerned about what is going to do. when president obama two weeks ago gave his press conference in the white house, he did not address anyone's legitimate concerns. neil: just get it out there and let people decide. david, well put. good luck. meanwhile, writing of republicans, chuck just chucked the gop on health care. what if i told you the president does not need to sign off on another $2 billion? i was always going having to go in the middle of traffic and just starting and stopping. having to go in the middle of a ballgame and then not being able to go once i got there. and going at night. i thought i had a going problem. my doctor said i had a growing problem. it wasn't my bladder. my pr
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of america really has the market cornered on. let me make it easier for you. let me show you how i can make it easier for you. online banking is going to be your best friend; it's going to help you manage your money. it has an alert system that can text message you. we have great new image atms. it will give you a receipt which has a copy of the check you deposited. you're in control of your finances. now when you talk about convenience, you measure us up to everyone else. well, you'll see we stand ahead of the curve. >>> in tonight's "crime and punishment" report. charles manson and the crime of the manson family murders. with his followers asking for freedom and speculation of more victims the story continues to make news today. we are going to bring it to you over this full week. ted roland takes us back. >> reporter: the psychopath who carved a swastika on his forehead, peer into his eyes. they are dark and penetrating as the world first met him. it is 40 years since he and his family slaughtered seven people. on cielo drive, a quiet leafy could sack overlooking beverly hills. you see t
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